The Being Brunel Museum in Bristol features a re-creation of Brunel's office in Duke Street, Westminster as it was in the 1840s. We were commissioned to reproduce three classical busts which Brunel had on display, depicting Mark Brunel (his father), 2nd Earl Spencer and Thomas Telford. The busts were sculpted in clay, moulded in silicone and cast in Jesmonite:

We also re-created the pendant light that hung in Brunel's office:

In the display part of the Museum, we designed and built two mechanical interactives, set into drawers. In one, Brunel crosses the Avon Gorge in a basket on a cable (he gets stuck half-way - we used a magnetic device) and in another, Brunel's thoughts are shown twirling in a bubble activated by means of a wooden wheel. Click on images to expand: